2019 - Treeline Lurline

In 2018, Katoomba resident, writer and artist Lowell Tarling revives the push for street trees on Lurline with a poster, letters, and conversations. This ripples out and draws together local councillors, residents, businesses and community groups including those involved in the earlier advocacy and commissioned work for Lurline Street. Landscape architect Ron Powell is able to update everyone on existing City Council studies and plans including the 2015 plan he and Craig Burton provided for Council.

In January 2019, the team adopts the name Treeline Lurline and formally organises under the auspice of the Katoomba Chamber of Commerce & Community.

The team’s early activities include a website, facebook page, public forum, street stalls, fliers, banner, petition and letters to relevant ministers. Their campaign is greatly assisted by two watercolours provided by artist and architectural illustrator David Wardman that envisage a treelined Lurline Street. These artworks become central to Treeline Lurline promotions.

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