2015 - Landscape Report

Local resident and Katoomba Chamber member Marie Wood persists with her campaign for street trees in Lurline Street. The Council commissions a plan for tree planting along Lurline Street from Waratah to Merriwa Streets as a template for the street.

Lurline Street Katoomba (Waratah to Merriwa Street) Landscape & Street Tree Planting Plan by landscape design and planning consultants Craig Burton and Ron Powell supports and elaborates the recommendations of the 2009 Feasibility Study. They scope the entire project.

They suggest that the Council consider turning this first block of the project, at the bottom of the town centre, into a shared vehicle and pedestrian zone called ‘Lurline Plaza’. They also suggest native Kurrajong trees be considered as feature trees outside the RSL Club due to their significance to both ANZAC and indigenous heritage.

The Katoomba Chamber of Commerce & Community and Katoomba RSL Club are invited to provide feedback as ‘stakeholders’.

Burton and Powell’s Final Report urges Council to undertake “a comprehensive improvement of Lurline Street as a matter of the highest priority”.

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