Artists for Treeline Lurline

Local arts and artists are at the heart of Treeline Lurline, helping us to see what is there and what is not and to imagine what could be. We cannot create change without first imagining it.

Painting, writing, singing, reciting, photographing …

The Treeline Lurline project began with a poster by Lowell Tarling that imagined a tree in Lurline Street.

Then Lowell wrote letters. He asked how the street travelled by millions of people each year, including world famous artists, performers and writers, on their way to Echo Point could be so dreary. Imagine if there were street trees.

Lowell’s friend David Wardman painted two watercolours of a tree-lined Lurline that became our inspiration and branding. John Ellison sketched and wrote about the people passing.

Peter Hall wrote a poem about the “blank nether region” of Lurline that leads to the “ancient hush’ of the Three Sisters.

Mic Conway and Guy Dickerson each composed and recorded a love song to our town for the project. The Katoomba North Ensemble created a video singing a Darug song about the precious gifts from trees.

Many other artists have also brought their creativity to the past, present and future of this place. We invite everyone to enjoy the arts of Treeline Lurline and thank our participating artists.

Musicians for Treeline Lurline


Mic Conway, 2022

Written and performed as a gift from Mic for the Treeline Lurline project.Mic Conway – words, music, vocals, ukulele, saw, washboard. Guy Dickerson – guitars, recording. Lino Romeo – bass, vocal harmony. Joel Robinson – cameras and direction. Jen Blissett – film editing. Recording and editing supported by Bendigo Community Bank Katoomba.

Katoomba Cats

Guy Dickerson, 2022

Written, performed, recorded and produced by Guy Dickerson for the Treeline Lurline project in Blue Mountains recording studios.

Says Guy: ’I’m singing about the Hep Cats of Katoomba. After the Treeline Lurline project is completed, I can foresee a time when Lurline Street is full of cafes, art galleries and people strolling to see the Three Sisters. That’s one hep little street!’

Warrami Ngallowah Mittigar

Katoomba North Ensemble, 2022

Katoomba North Public School students sing a welcome song in Dharug language by Russell Baker. The video was created to support Treeline Lurline and includes visual artworks by the students. They are especially excited about their future insect, bird and tree-lined ‘walk of wonder’ along Lurline Street to and from high school.

Artists for Treeline Lurline

Peter Kingston - Echo Point
Echo Point

Peter Kingston, 1988

Hand-coloured etching from a series about the artist’s 1950s childhood holidays in the Blue Mountains. This etching remembers Dan Evans, ‘the Felixman of Echo Point’. From 1926 to 1960, Evans took souvenir photos of tourists with a giant doll of the world-famous cat. Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Collection, provided with the ‘enthusiastic permission’ of the artist.

David Wardman - The Three Sisters
Lurline Street imagined

David Wardman, 2018

When David Wardman heard about the Treeline Lurline project, he painted what he imagined it might look like and gave Treeline Lurline permission to use the two works. These watercolours have provided the lead visuals for all our print and digital material. We are very grateful.

Jane Canfield - Lurline Street
Lurline Street

Jane Canfield, 2019

Says Jane, “I constantly strive for reduction and simplification in my work, not reproducing exactly what I see, but my version of it, but I do need to have ‘seen’ it to be inspired. These days I am layering my work more and rubbing back, using a reduced colour palette and tonalism.”

John Ellison - View from Dr Alex Allen Park Bench, 2021
View from Dr Alex Allen Park Bench

John Ellison, 2021

John Ellison sits in public places and draws what he sees. This drawing was from Dr Alex Allen Park on the corner of Lurline and Waratah Streets looking to the old St Andrews Presbyterian Church.

Lyn Harrison - If You Want to See Geoff
If You Want to See Geoff

Lyn Harrison

Says Lyn, ‘Lurline Street is part of my habitat, my haunt, my beat, where I walk most days. I’m fond of the houses and people and the weird gnarly trees, and the dogs and the bears and horses and Geoff at the gallery on the way. It’s an interesting street in an interesting town.’

Pennie-Steel - Spring Garden in Lurline Street 2022
Spring Garden in Lurline Street

Pennie Steel, 2022

Acrylic on canvas 1215 x 910mm. Cathkin Braes in Lurline Street was built by stonemason John Howie in 1912 and is now the home, garden and studio of Pennie Steel and Brian Reid. Says Pennie, “To live as an artist in an artisan’s building is quite wonderful.”

Poets for Treeline Lurline

Peter Hall
A Little Lurline Goes a Long Way

Peter Hall, 2019

When Peter Hall heard about the Treeline Lurline project, he wrote this poem about his encounter with the ‘blank nether regions’ of Lurline Street on his way to the ‘ancient hush’ of the Three Sisters.

The Blue Mountains

Henry Lawson, 1896, recited by Greg North

Two bush poets born a century apart appear together in this video of Greg North reciting Henry Lawson’s ‘The Blue Mountains’ at the Clarendon Guesthouse in Lurline Street. The poem draws on Lawson’s love of the natural world and of the Blue Mountains where he worked as a ‘tradie’ with his father in his youth.

Leonie Bingham

Leonie Bingham, 2022

Leonie wanders all around Katoomba collecting ideas and finding interesting things to photograph. When she heard about the Treeline Lurline project she decided to explore Lurline Street. This is her poem about that.

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