Plans, Costs & Funding

The 1.6km project from Lurline Street and Waratah Street junction to Forster Road has been scoped in six stages and street blocks with a total cost estimate of $32.2 million.

Stage One will be completed with $4,004,275 from the Federal Government Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grant, $25,000 sponsorship from Bendigo Community Bank Katoomba and ongoing sponsorship and in-kind assistance from our partners and supporters.

The first instalment of $1.6m of the $4 million grant was paid by the Federal Government to the Katoomba Chamber of Commerce & Community in March 2022. Further instalments of $1.2m in 2023 and in 2024 will complete Stage One.

To date, Bendigo Bank has donated $15,000 for the electrical underground investigations and concept designs and for events and communications including this website. A further $10,000 is available.

We have applied for $28.2 million from the NSW Government’s WestInvest Infrastructure grants to complete the entire project.

Total Project Cost: project management, investigations, design & construction*

STAGE 1 Waratah to Merriwa 4,004,275
(includes whole project investigations & designs)
STAGE 2 Merriwa to Oatley 6,186,917
STAGE 3 Oatley to Warwick 4,342,228
STAGE 4 Warwick to Kurrawan 5,316,713
STAGE 5 Kurrawan to Birdwood 6,094,880
STAGE 6 Birdwood to Forster 6,254,677

$ 32,199,690

Stage One detailed costings*

Project management and administration 165,000
Survey, investigations & overall designs for entire project Waratah to Panorama St Junctions

Includes detailed survey, services location, geotechnical investigation, hydraulic engineer, lighting design, soil consultant, landscape architect

Waratah to Merriwa Street construction:
Undergrounded power, relocated communication assets. 738,650
Public Domain Upgrade construction including detailed design, tree planting, resurfacing and street furniture 2,344,650
Project contingency for design development, risk and time cost escalation 390,775
FUNDED by Federal Government $ 4,004,275
Community engagement – printed materials, steering committee, events 20,000
Project review and evaluation forum and workshop 5,000
FUNDED by Bendigo Community Bank, Katoomba $ 25,000


$ 4,029,275

* Stages One costings are based on QS estimates in October 2021. Stages Two to Six costings are based on updated estimates at July 2022.

Treeline Lurline investigations, plans & reports 2019-21

Since January 2019, over $150,000 of pro bono work has been contributed for community engagement, project scoping and technical investigations, and to prepare the business case for the entire project and grant applications. This work has included:

Scope Drawings of street refurbishment – Ron Powell & Associates
1:1000 Lurline Street based on BMCC drawing No. A5302
1:500 ‘typical block’ of Kurrawan Rd to Warwick St
1:200 ‘typical intersection’ of Lurline and Warwick
1:50 footpath cross section with ‘eco stormwater pit’

Electrical Undergrounding Site Drawings, Concept Design & Costings – George Azzi, Alpha Omega Consulting & Engineering

Quantity Surveyor Cost Estimates for sample block and entire project in seven stages – Matt Turner QS

Project Plan including Scope of Works, Project Milestones, Risk Management – Ron Powell & Associates; Kerry Brown.

Project Budget based on Quantity Surveyor cost estimates

Business Case Kerry Brown and Treeline Lurline working group

Bendigo Community Bank Katoomba contributed $8000 to the electrical undergrounding and other technical investigations, $2000 toward community communications and $5000 to assist with website, print promotions and video production costs and launch of the Artists for Treeline Lurline.

A further $10,000 from Bendigo will be used for community engagement including a forthcoming concert and information day at Hinkler Memorial Park.

Blue Mountains City Council studies & reports 2009-15

Since 2009, BMCC has commissioned and resourced two studies / reports in regard to street tree planting in Lurline Street. Both recommended undergrounding of power with stormwater harvesting (water sensitive urban design) and whole-of-precinct refurbishment as pre-requisites for street tree planning.

Lurline Street Tree Planting Feasibility Study 2009 – Blue Mountains City Council

Lurline Street (Waratah to Merriwa Street) Landscape and Street Tree Planting Plan – Craig Burton and Ron Powell, CAB Consulting, 2015

Treeline Lurline - Lurline St Katoomba Map

Treeline Lurline – Lurline St Katoomba Map

Scope drawings of street refurbishment – Ron Powell & Associates

2020 Scope drawings of street refurbishment – Ron Powell & Associates

2009 Feasibility Study 2009

2009 Feasibility Study

2015 CAB Lurline Tree Planting Report

2015 CAB Lurline Tree Planting Report

2021 Azziz Electrical Plan

2021 Azziz Electrical Plan

2021 Business Case

2021 Business Case

Ron Powell with his Lurline Street Scoping Study

Ron Powell with his Lurline Street Scoping Study