2021 - Business Case

A detailed scope of works and business case for the project is completed by the Treeline Lurline Team with the assistance of a network of pro bono design and construction professionals drawn together by landscape architect Ron Powell.

Bendigo Community Bank Katoomba donates seed money to assist with some of the project technical investigations. Letters of support are provided by a growing number of local community groups and businesses and by Government bureaucrats and ministers.

Two bushfire recovery grant applications are prepared under the auspice of Katoomba Chamber of Commerce & Community. As the public landowner, the Council endorses the applications.

Bendigo Community Bank provide funding for a community information day and concert at Hinkler Park. Planet Ark donates 250 tree seedlings to give away at the event. Local artists and school students volunteer to perform. The event in the park is repeatedly postponed because of COVID lockdowns.

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